Cozy mystery stories

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Too Nosy To Retire: Texas Series

3 stories in one book with continuing characters, set in South East Texas.

— Meet four senior ladies who can’t seem to stay out of town business in Lakeside, Texas. They’re just trying to help but when you’re too nosy to retire, trouble often follows. Find three cozy mysteries in one book as you follow along with the adventures of Abbey, Flo, Donna, and Lil, where retirement is anything but boring.

Too Nosy To Retire: New Mexico Series

The first story in a planned series of three stories.

— If something untoward is going to happen, it’s going to happen on Ambrosia’s watch. The other residents of Sunset Springs Retirement Mobile Home Park always have something to gossip about at the clubhouse, thanks to Ambrosia’s antics. Nearing 80, sprouting baggy dresses and an old pair of Nikes, Ambrosia can often be seen walking a mile or more out into the desert on her early morning jaunts, always refusing a ride back from concerned neighbors. Her best friend and fifteen years her junior, Twila can’t figure out where Ambrosia gets so much energy. Following a shocking discovery, Ambrosia is forced to curb her impulsive ways and get serious now as she and Twila try to solve the DEADLY DESERT DEALINGS.

Future stories:

  • Cross Country Capers
  • Mysterious Mobile Home Manifestations