I have been traveling full time in my motor home since June 2018 but I’ve always loved to cook. After eating dinner one night, I said to myself, “this is really good.” And as usual, I went to post a picture on Facebook. Then I started thinking, “maybe I should document all these recipes in a blog.” So voila! The start of COOKING SMALL, the blog.

The name of the blog actually has a couple different shades of meaning. I live in a small motor home, I’m 5′ tall (or short), and I also try to stay healthy so I cook with limited ingredients but lots of spices and flavors. The idea of owning a restaurant has always appealed to me and I’ve spent moments over the years visualizing menus, recipes, and restaurant decor in my head. However, I know that restaurant owner/chefs usually spend about 100 hours a week in the kitchen and that’s not for me. I like to keep it simple as much as possible and I’m really enjoying retirement.

I don’t claim to be a nutritionist but I’ve read a lot and was raised by a very health conscious mom who knew all about vitamins and healthy cooking when it wasn’t fashionable. I have been diagnosed with several chronic conditions and I have some food allergies that make it especially important that I know what’s in my food. But that doesn’t mean that food can’t be fun and really, really yummy! That’s my goal.