Updates to the Blog Pages

I don’t know how many of you use WordPress. Sometimes I love the convenience of it and sometimes it can be very frustrating for me. I like to customize things my way and am used to desktop publishing, going all the way back to the 90s. The WordPress templates, while enormously convenient, don’t always allow for making changes in a user-friendly way.

After publishing my second travel book on Amazon Kindle, I decided to change up the blogs a little bit. The end result is not exactly how I started out envisioning things but I’ve reached workable sites that contain the information I wanted. I had an RV Review site and a Sightseeing site and after publishing my Sightseeing book, decided to take down the site, Sightseeing Aboard. That involved changing menus, links, and descriptions. Instead of all the same content on a blog, I now just have a link to the Kindle book.

I hadn’t taken a look at stats for awhile either. Even though I don’t advertise and most of my writing is for my own benefit (kind of like keeping a journal), it is nice to see people migrating toward the stuff I publish.

  • Animals Aboard — currently at 148 followers. Most viewed post “Long Term Stays in Your RV” at 515 views
  • Author Tina Mischke — 77 followers. Most viewed post “TMS — Too Much Shopping” at 163 views
  • Tina Mischke’s Cozy Mystery Blog — 8 followers. This is a very new blog and I haven’t promoted it at all
  • Sightseeing Aboard — no longer active. 17 followers
  • A Healthier Journey 2020 — no longer active. 34 followers

Although my writing takes various forms, I try to keep things categorized in such a way that they will fit into one or more of the above. It can get really confusing for the reader if your stuff is all over the place, making it hard to find or read about a subject.

My generic categories are:

  • RV Park Reviews
  • Traveling with Dogs Articles
  • Nonfiction Essays, mostly about writing or travel
  • Information on fiction writing — upcoming or in progress books and stories

Of course, some idea is going to hit me one day that I have to write about and it won’t fit into any of the above. The great thing about WordPress is that you can add as many blogs as you want at no additional charge.

The site, Animals Aboard, is very resource heavy and I recommend using the little search magnifying glass at the top unless you just prefer browsing. That site, which was my first, now has 117 published posts.

Things are always a work in progress and I will consider any suggestions that readers may have to make things easier, less confusing, or to fix mistakes.

Happy Travels!