Author update June 2020

I realized, upon checking stats, that I haven’t posted here since April. So what’s new with me?

My logo says “traveler” and that hasn’t been happening at all this year. I moved in to my current RV spot last December and I won’t be pulling out until the end of July. So, that being the case, I’ve been focusing my free time on indoor pursuits like writing and crocheting.

I got my first haircut since last year a week ago and my first pedicure since March a few days before that. I ordered new glasses online with the same prescription from last year because I didn’t feel I needed a change.

I published #2 in my cozy mystery series in April and I’m about 10,000 words in to #3 in the series. I haven’t done any advertising because I’m waiting until I finish #3. At that time, my goal is to package all three into one book. If you have any suggestions for promoting, please feel free to contact me. I publish on KDP which doesn’t allow cross publishing so I will have to make some decisions when the time comes. One thought is to start sending my manuscript, once completed, out to publishers. But then you do play the waiting game.

I am keeping my writing self busy with 4 blogs. I try to add stuff at least monthly. Here are the links.

I hope this finds everyone still healthy and sane. Don’t get cabin fever but don’t take chances either. Until next time.