Making bacon and crispy potatoes healthier than the restaurant

OK, I admit, bacon and fried potatoes doesn’t sound healthy and if you’d rather have cottage cheese and fruit, stop reading right now. Still here….good cause who can turn down bacon and potatoes?

I buy uncured turkey bacon most of the time but this time I couldn’t find it so I bought uncured pork bacon. Uncured is better if you have kidney disease because there are no sulfates or nitrates or whatever. Less sodium too, I think. I use small white potatoes, no salt, and cayenne pepper for seasoning.

First, I like to cook all the bacon at one time because then I don’t have to do any clean up next time. I put the cooked bacon in a plastic container in the fridge and use it for sandwiches, salads, etc. I leave all the bacon grease in the pan after removing the bacon and use that for the potatoes. Note: If you are using turkey bacon instead of pork, you will have to add about 2-3 T of unsalted butter.

Slice the potatoes thinly, no need to peel. Make sure the pan is hot (either with bacon grease or unsalted butter) and cook potatoes on a medium heat until they are crispy. I turn them over once or twice. Add the cayenne seasoning during cooking time.

I drain everything on paper towels, then put what I’m not going to eat in plastic containers for next time. It’s really hard cooking 3 meals a day on the propane stove and clean up and everything so I try to have stuff already made in the fridge.

This makes a perfect restaurant style breakfast if you add fresh fruit or toast or scrambled eggs. Or all three! Enjoy.


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